Canadian Home Front Essay

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World War one was a devastating war with many tragedies and accomplishments. Canadians had a huge impact on the war as they played several roles in battle. One big role in World War one was Canadian home front. Canadian home front took place during the entire war. Canadians would sacrifice some items from their life to send over to Europe so that way our troops would have a better advantage over other countries. Canadians sacrificed various items such as fuel, and meat. The three main areas that this essay will focus on is contribution from Canadian citizens, contribution from women, and sacrifices from women. All three areas of focus show how patriotic our country, Canada really is and how we improved as a country from the home front. Many people did jobs and tasks they had never done before to try to help our troops on the trenches and in the…show more content…
This was a big task for the citizens as there were so many men overseas fighting for our country and our monarch, Britain. One task was that communities on the east coast would turn off the lights and train to aid the police, fire crew and hospitals. As well, communities near military bases would help the military to advise what was going on in the ocean and in the air. For people in community groups and religious groups, they worked on knitting clothes, getting entertainment for the soldiers such as books and newspapers, and finally cooking sweets for the people in trenches (Life on the Home front). If you are thinking where did the government get the money to afford these jobs it is a great question. The government got all this money in plenty of ways. One way was war bonds which were sold by the government and redeemed after the war for an interest on what you purchased the bond for. Another way the government got the money was introducing new taxes such as the income tax ( These contributions helped greatly to the troops in

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