Summary Of The Singer Solution To World Poverty

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In today’s day and age, it seems like affluent Americans from all over the country are regularly purchasing brand new, top of the line automobiles, apple computers for every room in their house along with big-screen TV’s, and everything else luxury as they see fit. Peter Singer, who is the author of “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” insists that every one of these wealthy Americans and all of the others, who have the means to do so, should be donating their surplus money to those in need. Considering that Singer is unable to force his readers to donate their money, he alternatively manipulates them by creating two hypothetical scenarios where he aims to not only support, but also find a solution to his argument. Furthermore, he attempts but fails to succeed in persuading his…show more content…
Also, the effect of Bob not flipping the switch was that the child died just like the effect of people not donating would result in children dying. It is very obvious that Singer believes that the consequence of an action controls whether it is right or wrong hence if any action results in a child’s death, it is wrong. Also, if we are to reprimand Bob for not choosing to save the child, we must also reprimand every person with additional wealth who chooses not to donate. Singer explains that all it would take is only $200 to save a child’s life but then later states that every cent that is being spent on luxury items by those who are well off should be given away. Singer’s intentions are not rationale whatsoever but rather, manipulative; he schemes to turn those with wealth against one another if they do not withstand his demands and donate every ounce of their hard earned money that is not spent on necessities. Not only do his absurd demands not convince people to want to donate their money but also the tone Singer uses throughout his

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