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Aerosols Aerosols are basically the drug delivery system. It contains therapeutically active ingredient / drug, dissolved or suspended in compressed or liquefied gas in a sealed container. The delivery of the therapeutically active drug is done by different forms which includes Spray , Foam , Solid Stream though depending on the capability of the compressed or liquefied gas . Also termed as pressurized package usually when it’s a complete product. (1) It is an inhalation therapy or is a needle free method which exists for 4000 years ago in India where people used to inhale plant leaves ( i.e. : atropa belladonna leaves) in order to cure the cough. This technique through pulmonary route is quiet challenging because of the high oral…show more content…
• Cold filling method • Pressure filling method. • COLD FILLING METHOD It is of two types 1. At the temperature of -30 - -40 F the product’s concentrates are chilled then added to the chilled aerosol containers then the chilled propellant is added via inlet valve which is there inside the aerosol container. 2. Both the propellant & product concentrate chilled to -30 - -40 F followed by addition of mixture in the chilled container. In both the methods after filling the container, they are set in the place of the valves then they are passed through the water bath in which they are heated at the temperature of 130F in order to check its strength & leaks. Then containers are air dried, capped and labelled. • PRESSURE FILLING MEYHOD: At the room temperature through the metering pressure filling burette the product concentrate is filled to the aerosol container, through the inlet valve the propellant is added in it. The filling of the propellant continues till pressure inside the container becomes equal to the pressure of the filling propellant. Capping & labeling is done in the end. (4) TYPES OF AEROSOLS 1. Solution system 2. Water based…show more content…
SOLUTION SYSTEM: This system is also referred to as two phase system consist of vapors and liquid phase If active ingredient is soluble in propellant, no other solvent is required Different aerosol products are available in this system This system employed on those product which is not soluble in propellant or no other solvent is required to dissolve the solid or liquid WATER BASED SYSTEM: large amount of water can be used to replace all or part of the non-aqueous solvents used in aerosols Produce spray or foam To produce spray formulation must consist of dispersion of active ingredients and other solvents in emulsion system in which the propellant in the external phase Ethanol use as a solvent to solubilize propellant in the water based systems produces in dried spray SUSPENSION/DISPERSION SYSTEM: This type of system formulated when substance are immiscible or having problem due to usage of cosolvents in this system the propellant or the mixture of propellants, the drug particles are suspended FOAM SYSTEM: they consist of active ingredients + aqueous or non-aqueous vehicle + surfactant + propellant (hydrocarbon or compressed gases) and the propellant which is present in the liquid acts as internal phase These Aerosols dispensed as stable aqueous or non-aqueous or quick breaking foam

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