Hijab Persuasive Research Paper

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DISCURSIVE ESSAY Should society today accept or decline the Hijab and the Niqab/ Veil? “If a woman is free to show her body why should she not be free to cover it?” (1)This demonstrates the injustice towards Muslim woman and what they decide to do. They should be able to wear whatever they wish without being unauthorized by the general public. If Christian women are allowed to walk around with their own choice of clothing then so should Muslim woman. Inequality is still taking place today regarding the religions and their beliefs, being a strong example of inequality. Many people believe that a Women’s Right is when woman are allowed to work or have a job etc. There should be equality between men and women. ‘In the early 1800s woman were classed as second class citizens. New Zealand proposed to be the first country to give woman the right to vote.’ (2) It could be argued that woman have the right to dress as they please. A woman has a choice to wear the Hijab and Niqab. Most women agree with this choice because they feel complete and protected in a Hijab as a form of modesty. It also places a barrier between strange men and Islamic woman in order to complete their faith with great satisfaction. Most think women are confident and ignore what the society says which is also good because it inspires other people to wear it. In…show more content…
An incident took place in England regarding the veil! A young woman named Naomi Oni was severely attacked by a girl called Mary Konye who had been in jail for 12 years. Mary Konye threw acid at Naomi; a school friend. It was anonymous, she wore a veil, and Naomi didn’t know someone was following her until the acid actually struck her face. This is one outstanding reason why people firmly believe that the Hijab should be banned. Naomi was in her early twenties. She does not like looking in the mirror because her face is unbelievably

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