Essay On Mental Stigma

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Many people do not know what stigma is or about how it surrounds mental illness, so it is important to educate people about this topic. Stigma is a viewed negative trait which causes a person to think less of someone (Gluck). It is important for people to know exactly what stigma is, so they can improve their understanding of how this relates to mental illnesses. Once people are educated about this affecting mental illness; they can begin to change how they think about mental illnesses and how they treat those that have them. In addition, stigma prompts negative behavior, stereotyping, and discriminatory behavior towards people with a mental illness (Upadhyay). If there was no stigma these people would not be treated so badly. Patients with…show more content…
However, this is not a common idea that is talked about in society. Many of those of the over 46 million Americans that have a type of mental disorder may construe and explain stigma using words such as hate, discrimination, prejudice, humiliating, and hurtful (Gluck). This shows how much those that are stigmatized do not like the stigma associated with their mental illness. The stigma needs to end so these people do not have to face the stigma which they describe as being harsh. In addition, the stigma is much more damaging than many people think. Negative connotations and false beliefs linked to mental illness may be as harmful as the disease is (Overton). This means that many are facing harmful conditions, but they can’t do anything about it because it's not their fault the stigma is happening. People may be pushed to make decisions about their life that they are not prepared for because they are not in the right kind of mind because of how they are treated. They are treated horribly which they can’t do anything about until people realize that they are putting people down when they disgrade their mental illness. The stigma needs to end so these patients can seek treatment and get better instead of being brought down and devalued by people in
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