Positive Consequences: Excessit The Use Of Social Media

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In the fast developing contemporary world, it seems to be that people cannot spend a day without social media. The most vulnerable of them, teenagers, have already made a cult of social media as long as everything in their lives is somehow connected to it. For that reason, teenagers should limit the use of social media by spending less time on the Internet as it can cause a number of negative consequences: it can lead to health as well as social problems. Proponents, however, argue that social media changed lives to the better as it made communication easier and faster and there are no negative effects from social media. They might also say it is impossible to withdraw from the Internet at all. This may be true and their argument is valid, nevertheless, all the negative impacts on one’s physical as well as mental health and social life outweigh the mentioned advantages. Social media has various negative impacts on the physical well-being. Excessive use of social media can jeopardize our health. First of all,…show more content…
The problem of any social network is that it makes a person lazy: people are lazy to go outside for a walk with real people. Because of that elusive connectedness, one loses an ability to conduct a talk, to demonstrate manners and share emotions. It makes our lives easier, at the expense of our growing primitiveness (Hunter, 2015) There were researches mentioned that demonstrated that with all the advantages of the social media, it is also the cause of some serious problems. Mental problems due to social networks are not a surprise: for instance, people can feel all alone, despite the fact that they are constantly connected. Another thing is that people tend to display only the good things concerned with them. One can think of digital narcissism and will be right: people always want someone to like them, approve, share their post and so

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