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Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia philosophy is an early childhood education developed in 1920-1994 by Loris Malaguzzi that is originated in Reggio Emilia, Italy, just after World War II ended. Reggio Emilia is a children’s program designed to let young children learn as individuals and to be curious about the way they see things and helps them learn about their world. This program is to help the children be creative and work at their own pace. The program is for children from three months to six years of age. This approach works with each child and connects with the family. Reggio Emilia is a inspiring approach to early childhood education that values the children…show more content…
The teacher works with the child to help guide them. They share the understanding with the child on what they are working on. The teacher is someone to observe and ask questions, make plans, do continual research and learning. The Reggio Emilia approach uses an Atelierista which is a teacher trained in visual arts who works with teachers and students. This program practices cooperation, teachers seen as researchers, teachers in pairs, documentation, make parents aware of the child, and facilitate communications. Parents are actively involved in a Reggio Emilia classroom, along with teachers and children. This approach is based on the interests, ideas, and hypotheses developed by the children. The approach does not use a clock or a calendar year, the children uses their own sense of time and rhythms are considered, they stay with the same teacher for three years. The first teacher is the parent. The parents takes on the role of active partner and guides in the education of the child. The second is the classroom teacher. The teacher often works on pairs, the classroom teacher assumes the role of researchers and intentionally engages children in meaningful work and conversation. The third teacher is the environment. The environment is designed to be not only functional but also beautiful and selective of the child's learning. It's the relationship with parent, teacher, and environment

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