Pros And Cons Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Breasts are important organs in women. Every woman would want to look as attractive as possible. Enlarged breasts make women more attractive. Most women will therefore want to enlarge their breast so as to maintain their beauty. There are several ways in which breast enlargement can be done. A) Breast augmentation surgery. Breast enlargement by surgery is the most popular method of breast enlargement that is currently practiced in the world. In this method different kinds of implants are used for breast enhancement. The implants are used to modify the size and shape of women breasts and to change breast appearance. This method has pros and cons associated to it. Pros i) It can be done in the quickest way possible. ii) Women who have undergone…show more content…
When leakage occurs, the implants will be released in to human body system. This might not be noticed early enough and thus resulting to health problems. iii) After the procedure, women may become allergic to certain substances which they used before comfortably. iv) Women might experience excessive pain during and after the surgery v) This method is expensive as one will have to spend a lot of money in the process. vi) A scarring can be formed after healing process. B) Breast enlargement pills. One other way in which breasts can be enlarged is through the use of breast enhancement pills. There are several different types of pills which when used can enhance breast sizes effectively. Like surgery, breast enhancements pills have pros and cons as explained below. Pros i) Breast enhancement pills are cheap. This means that women can have their breasts enhanced with less cost. ii) There are fewer side effects associated with the use of pills in breast enlargement. iii) With the use of pills, breasts can be enlarged normally without many complications. iv) Pills taken can also be beneficial to the body in other ways. They can also be helpful in reducing body weight and improving on diet.…show more content…
Pros i) The method is safe as it does not involve surgery. ii) Breast enlargement creams are cheap and can be used easily. iii) The method is pain free. Cons i) It takes time for the breasts to enlarge. Women will be required to be patient with the process. In some cases it can take several weeks or even months before the results are seen. ii) Some creams work more effective than others. Getting an effective cream might not be easy. iii) Breast enhancement creams give different reactions when used by different people. It might work for others and for others it might not. D) Natural breast enlargement Breast enlargement can be best done by the use on natural methods. The natural methods of breast enhancement include:- 1. The use of natural herbs. 2. Proper diet and exercises. Some selective diets can boost breast sizes if taken. 3. Proper dressing. Women are expected to dress well in cloths that can best fit their breast sizes for smooth growing. 5. Breast massage with a purpose of enlarging them. 4. Medical hormonal boosting can be done such that hormones that boost the breast sizes are introduced into the

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