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Remedies for Liver given in Ayurveda As a culture, we seem to be increasingly liver-conscious—ever more aware of the importance of a healthy liver. Liver is our most important organ in the human body. Liver has a long to-do list but the main function of a liver is to produce bile. Bile is responsible for digesting food in our bodies. Liver is located in the right side of abdomen. As our primary organ of detoxification, the liver has the important job of protecting the deeper tissues from impurities in the blood that might otherwise cause harm. However, over-exposure to toxins such as alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs, environmental pollutants, and the like, has the potential to adversely impact the liver itself. Key Functions of Liver:…show more content…
For instance, when we eat food, the digestive tract breaks the food into small miniscule, absorbable bits of energy which then allowed entering the blood stream – the plasma, to be precise. Then the nourished food juices travels to the liver so that liver can further refine it. Then the liver actually eliminates the unwanted toxins toxin so that they cannot enter the broader circulation. The liver is also responsible for metabolizing chemical toxins, prescription and recreational drugs, and alcohol. • Bile Formation and secretion: The bile is the liquid which is responsible for digestion. Liver produces bile and store it in the gallbladder. Gallbladder is located under the base of liver. So when the food is digested, gallbladder releases the bile into small intestine. We can say that the health of liver is connected with the gallbladder. • Digestion and Metabolism: The liver plays a vital role in digestion and metabolism of ingested nutrients. It is capable of breaking down complex substances like carbohydrates, lipids and protein into biological useful molecules like glucose, cholesterol and lipoprotein. The liver also regulates and stores glycogen - our primary source of available biological

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