Explain How To Make An Enabling Environment

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There are different views on to provide an enabling environment. There is the forest school approach which is thought to provide a stimulating and exciting outdoor environment. It is based on the fact that children learn through play and exciting experiences. According to Early Learning HQ (2018) “the rich variety of activities on offer and the sense of independence can have very positive effects on a child’s intellectual, cognitive, physical, and emotional development. It can help to build a child’s self-esteem and confidence.” Having this higher self-esteem and confidence and enjoying being outside makes the child feel happier and makes them feel secure in their setting. It is the responsibility of the practitioners to make an enabling emotional environment and they need to do this by helping the children to develop skills so that they have more confidence and making sure that all of…show more content…
By having these checks done frequently then the practitioner can see if there are any broken toys and can get rid of them if it is a cause of concern for example, the toy now having a sharp edge. The safety checks also includes checks of substances in the setting like the cleaning appliances. They must be locked away so that the children cannot reach these appliances. The door or cupboard needs to be checked that it is locked properly regularly and after getting something out of the cupboard or room then it needs to be checked that it is securely locked. The water, gas and electricity need to be checked repeatedly so that they do not cause any harm for the children. Any electrical appliances need to be checked that they do not have any worn away wires because safety is very important. There are other equipment that needs to be checked that they are safe for the children like prams that the setting may
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