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The two most common ways in which to describe an individual’s personality type is an introvert or an extrovert. These two categories are fundamentally different however it is also thought that people exhibit some of both behavioural qualities of the personality types and therefore belong to no individual group and it is more comparable a spectrum than simply being an extrovert or an introvert. The basics of being an extrovert are that they are adapted to interact with people and relationships. An introvert is a reverse, more immersed in themselves and a lot quieter. However, this does not mean that introverts can not shine in the spotlight, as celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Emma Watson and Johnny Depp all identify as introverts. This solidifies…show more content…
The tendencies of an Introvert involve being quiet, seemingly taciturn and a requirement for time alone every so often as to “recharge”. This lessening of experiences of these traits I believe is from putting myself in situations that I would feel uncomfortable in. An example of this is performing in front of audiences while playing the drums. This act of putting myself in a situation such as this has allowed me to not only be more confident when playing but also to bring the same effect while off stage. The act of being up on the stage and behind the curtains getting ready for them to be drawn makes me focus on the moment and also, more importantly, attempting not to drop a drumstick or trying not to forget where to come in at the right time. This makes me completely oblivious to the fact that I am performing in front of a large audience which the thought of alone used to be unthinkable. This repetition of playing at concerts has made me a lot more comfortable with doing so and has reached the point in which it is not unfathomably nerve-wracking to do be involved in them and I instead look forward to them. Another reason for this Is my involvement with Scouting. Although spending four years as a scout and partaking in the occasional camp does not sound like it would affect someone in any way other than perfecting the skill of

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