Northwood Restaurant Observation

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When observing the Northwood Cinema Grill, I decided to observe two servers on Friday and one server on Saturday, so I could see if any of their patterns overlapped and to watch their interactions with their customers. Going into this observation I was interested in what qualities make an effective server and how the customers responded to those qualities. I observed the Northwood Cinema Grill from noon to 12:30 on Friday. The weather Friday was very cold and windy. I reached the front of the building and went inside the huge glass doors. I walked into the theater that was playing Jumanji and instantly smelled popcorn, which made my mouth water. The theater was a decent size holding a little over a hundred people and consisted of six sections with tables, chairs, and a bar counter in each. I picked a seat in the back of the movie theater, so I could…show more content…
After I completed my observation and interviews, I formed a few more questions. What qualities make an effective server? That is my main question throughout this entire paper and I would like to dig deeper into it. Do customers prefer effective servers or non-effective servers? If customer do prefer effective servers, why is that. Is customer service important to people? There are many times when I am out to eat with my family or friends, and there are situations going on around me where someone's order did not come out correct or their server was not nice to them. What if there was a way to ensure everyone had servers who were very effective, friendly, and knowledgeable. It would be hard to enjoy a nice dinner when you do not have your food because the server messed up. If everyone had perfect customer service, this problem would be completely avoided, and you can enjoy that delicious meal with the ones you

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