The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight In Heaven

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Kim Nguyen November 19, 2014 Period 4 Native American Essay People point out the flaws of a person or what makes them different in the group. Sometimes it loses a person’s profile, sometimes it builds up character in themselves. In Native American literature, the theme of being alien due to different cultures is shown to have Native Americans not fit into the community or shown to see the difference and build on their identity from there. The stories The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven and Indian Education by Sherman Alexie shows that theme to mimic the actuality of the history of the Native Americans. The theme of Native Americans feeling alien to a community contributes to the loss of an identity and the gain of self-identity.…show more content…
The narrator of the story The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven says, “I wanted to tell him that I didn’t really fit the profile of the country but I knew it would just get me into trouble.” (Alexie). The quote shows that the narrator of the story does not see himself blended in or being part of the community he lives in. Although he has a home in Seattle with an education, he still does not know who he is inside because he does not have the guidance he needs to see his part of the country. The narrator comes back to the reservation where his family lives, but they expected him to come back. The narrator says in the story that “there’s an old Indian poet who said that Indians can reside in the city, but they can never live there.” This shows that the Indians can physically live in a community, but that does not mean that they can automatically fit into it. Native Americans may fit in as being white on the exterior of themselves, but they do not become white just from the outside. They still the part of themselves that is not brainwashed, leaving them feel alien not just to the community that they currently reside, but also to the community of the traditional…show more content…
In the story Indian Education, the story describes, “Once, she gave the class a spelling test but set me aside and gave me a test designed for junior high students. When I spelled all the words right, she crumpled up the paper and made me eat it.” (Alexie). When the second grade teacher, Betty Towle, gave only Alexie that test, she individualized him from the entire class, showing that the education was not equal for everyone, especially for Native Americans. The quote shows that the inequality that Alexie received built up his identity, as opposed to being brainwashed and not being able to fit into the community mentally. When he had to leave his school for a better education, leaving everything and everyone he loved. “… When I opened my eyes, I was gone from the reservation, living in a farm town where a beautiful white girl asked my name. ‘Junior Polatkin,’ I said, and she laughed. After that, no one spoke to me for another five hundred years.” The girl that criticized him for his name showed how different he was compared to not only her, but also to the world he was going to face. The difference of his identity built himself up to see what makes him who he is from the rest of the white community, whether if people see him as alien in the community or

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