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Information is at its best standard when made sure its valid, reliable, relevant, timely, cost effective, accessible...etc. When it meets these criteria, it can be accessed easily and efficiently. Valid It’s important that work is valid because if it’s not legitimate that will showcase your unprofessionalism. Information mustn’t be subjective therefore acknowledging your bias and trying to avoid it will make your work more authentic. Reliable The best information is always reliable. Having reliable data means getting your information from a dependable source and making sure it legitimate. You can find a lot of information from the internet in this day and age and a good majority of it is false. Therefore, checking your sources to make sure they’re authentic is vital. For example, Google verifies…show more content…
In order to make decisions, information has to be collected within a certain time span. Information is usually needed by a certain time therefore meeting deadlines is essential in some businesses as this information can then be used for decision making. Fit for purpose Being fit for purpose means that the information you’ve obtained is meant to be used for whatever reason you are using it for. For example, if you were to write an article on how listening to music at high volumes is bad for your ear drums and people used that information to prove that the ear buds on ear phones should be made bigger than that information would not be fit for purpose because the information written was used for something else other than it was intended to be. Accessible: This is when information is accessible to the users who need it. It shouldn’t be hard to obtain this information and it should make sense to those who need it. For example, if data is encrypted it will be quite hard for the user to get hold of the data they need. Therefore, making information accessible makes it easier to understand the data on it.

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