Importance Of Breaking Barriers In Sports

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As I am going into my first year of high school next year, there are plenty of doubts on the number of sports I can take on. Whether it be, “ there’s no way he can do that” , or “ How could he manage that” ; it is all what people before me have done. Therefore, when I think of “ Breaking Barriers” that is what instantly comes to mind. Even though it may not be as big as some of the other things I will be faced with , it can and will definitely change the path that my life is going towards. Living in a small town can have its ups and downs. If one person does something either good or bad, it usually gets around pretty fast. But, when someone puts their athletic ability to use, that's when it spreads around quick. So, my goal is to continue…show more content…
This could break barriers in many ways, especially if I stand out in one of those sports as a true athlete. It is not very common to see one person in high school playing football , basketball , and baseball. Most people quit either one or two sports just to focus on the one they like the most. That is not what I want to do though. I want to be unique , and have time to play and love all 3 sports at the same time as deciding if I’d ever want to just play one. There will be many things possibly stopping me from doing this. Offseason football usually starts when football ends and stops when it starts back up. This could make it difficult to focus on any of the other sports too, if I am in basketball I would still be having to make time for football workouts. Instead of taking in all of the difficult parts, I think it's better to focus on the better parts . That is what is making me want to stick to all 3. Playing 3 sports just gives me a better chance to be successful in at least one of them. Even though as i get older , and have to…show more content…
He could not have done it with his character traits. I am going to have to use similar traits, if I want to break my barrier. Since Jackie was so effective and created a path for other African Americans, I hope i can create a path and show people it is okay to do things knowing people will doubt you. I have learned from Jackie that even though the odds are not in your favor, that changes nothing. He was cleated, and yelled at , and even discriminated over just trying to do what he loves. I hope i have to go through none of these , but if I did I would know what to base my reaction on. Even though breaking all barriers are similar, Jackies and mine are close. He wanted to play a game and change the future of baseball. Mine may not be that big as a whole , but it could have a very similar impact on my town and the people close to me. This can only happen though, if I stick to my goal and eventually reach that

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