Essay About Happiness

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TASK Write a dialog between you and Rasselas, or Imlac, or Nekayah, or any two of them, or all three of them, about your understanding of happiness. Imagine that I got the opportunity to meet the son of an emperor- Rasselas, who is smart, keen-witted, and rational, his sister Nekayah and Imlac- a wise philosopher, a son of a wealthy merchant. Of course, I would asked them to tell something about their travelling in pursuit of happiness and gave my view on the happiness in response. “Hello, travelers for happiness! It is a pleasure to speak with you. I am very excited to hear how your journey was, whom you have met, and what have you learned about happiness!” said I, waiting for their stories. “Well, when I was in a ‘Happy Valley’, I understood…show more content…
For me, happiness can be found in so many little things. Happiness is when you are healthy, when you are not alone, when close to you people are healthy, when you have something that you like, it can be anything: a tasty meal, a loving husband, a new dress, a home pet, a cup of coffee with a foam… Many people think that happiness is something great, global, exciting but in reality, happiness can be simple little things. We need so little to be happy and a lot of time to realize it. I believe that every little thing has its own great happiness; and it is not because I am optimistic or just wear pink glasses, it is because thus it is easier to live. When I realised that it is useless to try to find happiness as something global, I started to look on life from another side and perspective and it made me more calm and peaceful. The secret of my happiness is that I notice it in simple everyday things. I do not invent great expectations on happiness such as becoming a famous person or travelling all around the world or becoming a millionaire. I can set goals, which I want to achieve but it is not about happiness. I consider that it is important to find happiness everyday even if the day was not as nice as expected,” said I to my interlocutors wishing them to understand and accept my
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