Amy Chua's 'Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior'

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Chinese Mothers v. Western Mothers Many different cultures have different parenting styles. Some cultures may have a more strict approach when it comes to parenting while others may be more supporting. These different styles of parenting produce different kinds of children who may be strong academically or more sport oriented. Amy Chua, a chinese mother and author of “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, uses a blunt, opinionated tone to support her argument contrasting Western and Chinese mothers and their parenting styles. Chua’s use of word choice helps create the blunt, opinionated tone in the argument of contrasting parenting types because the words she uses sets a certain attitude for the essay. For example, Amy Chua uses words such as…show more content…
When using compare and contrast, Chua really shows how the parenting styles differ because she explains what Chinese parents do and how the Westerners do the same but differently. For example, in “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, it says, “Chinese parents can order their kids to get straight A’s. Western parents can only ask their kids to try their best” (Chua). This is comparing the two different cultures’ parenting techniques by showing that the Chinese parents are more strict while the Western parents are more anxious when confronting their children. This supports the author’s argument and the opinionated tone because it shows that not all Western parents are anxious and that not all Chinese parents are strict using compare and contrast. Chua also describes how Chinese parents are more blunt or straightforward while Western parents are more considerate when parenting their children. In the text it says, “In other words, Western parents are concerned about their children’s psyches. Chinese parents aren’t. They assume strength, not fragility, and as a result they behave differently” (Chua). From the compare and contrast used, Chua’s argument is supported because it shows the clear differences between the two cultures and it supports the blunt, opinionated tone by describing these…show more content…
The two parenting styles very different considering that the Chinese parents are very strict with what they want done and how while the Western parents are more considerate and worry more about hurting their children’s feelings. The Chinese have a more forceful approach while the Westerners are considerate and anxious. This relates to the other parenting styles all around the world because many cultures have different techniques when it comes to parenting. The insight one would gain when reading this essay is that there are many different styles of parenting and that not every parent is the same. It also shows how strict some parents can be versus parents who are more considerate and anxious towards their children’s

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