Definition Essay On Happiness

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There exists many quotes, sayings and stories over time claiming that happiness is the key to living a prosperous life. From the time we are small children, even without the slightest concept of happiness until the final moments of life we are periodically filled with such spouts of joy on which we cannot blame anything other that happiness to be the culprit of such. While the cause and effect of happiness may differ from person to person, it is one that we, society as a while can relate to. Happiness varies with age. One’s definition of “happiness” also may vary based upon what we’ve thus far experienced in life. As a small child with no prior experience of physical or materialistic happiness, we find such happiness in things of need. An infant…show more content…
Before ending time on earth, the last thing we want to see is happiness or approval from the ones we love so dearly. An elderly one wants nothing more than to see all his or her family and make sure that their approval for them to leave is there. Happiness at this point lies upon the smiling faces of one’s children, grandchildren and the rest of the family. A simple holding of one’s hand or a kiss upon the forehead would be happiness approved at that very moment. Upon this approval the ultimate happiness is met and in turn, her or she will drift off into eternal happiness, so to speak. The definition of happiness is broad and cannot be pegged upon on a specific scale. We all have different definitions of what “happiness” is to us based upon what stage of life we are entering. Happiness can transform our lives or even open our eyes to new things in which we would’ve never envisioned. Feeling a sense of euphoria, no matter the cause is ultimately what we all strive for. From a mother's embrace and a warm bottle as an infant to a spouse's embrace and a well-paying job in maturity, we all desire something to fill our life with
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