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INTRODUCTION My group has conducted a project based on hope and happiness with the 10 years old students at Sekolah Kebangsaan Dato Mohd Musa, Kota Samarahan. We had been asked to do two relatable task for our project. The first task is to do an interview with the students while the second task is to do an activity with the students. For the first task, we asked some relevant questions about the students’ understanding of hope and happiness. After we had done with the first task, we proceed to the second task which requires us to do an activity with the students. The objective is to help the students to have a deeper understanding about hope and happiness. My group has decided to decorate the classes in order to increase the level of happiness among the children. In the first task, we did…show more content…
It can relate to the positivism in social sciences where the positivism can lead a person to be more positive. A person who has higher hope will have more positive in their life as they are usually hoping for a positive result. In this context, the critical role models such as parents, teachers and friends who are responsible to guide the children have to play their role efficiently (Synder et al., 1997). In this earlier stage of education, the children will follow the elders, so if the elders show a negative or bad attitude, the children might follow it. The role models should show the positive attitudes in front of the children in order to prevent the children from behaving negatively. Other than that, we asked some simple questions to the students and we gave them a reward once they managed to answer it. We gave them goodies bag that have a mineral water and some healthy snacks for them. We found out that the goodies actually can bring happiness to them as they get really excited to answer the questions given. They felt very proud when they succeed in answering the

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