Essay On General Education

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The purpose of university education is to cultivate people, which are on the human-oriented basis. Similarly, educating the complete and fundamental knowledge to students for enhancing their critical thinking and broadening their horizon is the aim of general education. With the resembling aims of university education and general education, increasing the general education courses substantially is the most appropriate reform for HSMC. Increasing general education substantially means to increase the range of knowledge that being taught, and focus more on educating people but not the professional knowledge. First, from the purpose of university perspective, general education courses in HSMC should be increased substantially. Educating people…show more content…
Currently, with the insufficiencies of general education lessons in HSMC, university education had been emphasized in professional training. Apart from improving students’ humanities, general education can also broaden their horizon, cultivating their critical thinking and creativity. However, focusing too much on training a professional which implies reducing the range of knowledge may result in a narrow-minded student. Students who obtain insufficient general education lessons may not be able to analyze things in a different perspective, develop things by using different knowledge and solving problems in varied ways. Without a doubt, a university is a foundation for higher education, which a wide range of essential knowledge should be taught. By a wide range of knowledge, numerous choices can be obtained by students in further study or employment after graduation. Besides, they can also adapt the society all the time, regardless how its change as they contain a strong self-adjustment ability. In order to achieve this objective, general education should be the dominant program in the university to embody the university's intention. On account of this, increasing general education courses substantially are recommended. Owing to numerous problems, students involve in hiring academic and administrative staff is the least appropriate
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