The Importance Of Homeschooling Education

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Education Education is very important for everybody and humans start to learn since the birth and every minuet in our life we start to learn something new. Educations have been something very important in the society and schools have been built everywhere. But on the other hand a lot of people want to teach their kids by themselves and at home and this is what we call homeschooling. Homeschooling education is not allowed in many countries, but this did not stop the number of homeschooling children’s to be increased more than before. Statics says that the number is increasing by 7-15% each year and this is a very huge number. Although there are many people who support home schooling but every child should go to school because it will help him/her to develop their skills in their social life, make them more physical active and it is more enjoyable because they will have more activities to do. Going to school will help the child to develop his skills in his social life in many ways. In fact Chen (2015) who is an avid education researcher and writer, as well as an educator, said that humans are…show more content…
In addition Welk, Schaben, and Shelley (2004) they are human’s kinetics publishers said that children’s who got educated at home got less fitness and physical activates than children’s who went to schools and this is because they do not go outside a lot and their parents are focusing more in their education more than their fitness, But on the other hand schools gives exercise classes focusing on team work, physical contact for their students and this will help them to know the spirit of the team such as football and basketball. Schools also got a lot of other activates such as: camping trips, tours and this will help them to be more in depended. Plus to that homeschooled children will never have the chance to have a favorite teacher or to get more feedback from adults other that their own

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