Comparing A Short Blanket And Blessing In Disguise

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“A Short Blanket” and “Blessing In Disguise” are two different cartoons that were published during beginning and end of the Civil War. Both of the cartoons have some similarities and also have some differences. They show the beginning and ending results from the war. The first cartoon is from 1861 and the second cartoon is from 1865. The first cartoon, “A Short Blanket”, was published on December 14, 1861. During that time in history, The union was making plans to retaliate back at the confederate states from the battle in Manassas. They planned on wanting to isolate the confederates by using the Mississippi River and attack the inner states. This cartoon shows a lanky looking man who is in his bed with a short blanket that does not cover…show more content…
Starting with Virginia and ending with Savannah gives the impression of a map but using the man instead. The overall image is reflecting how the confederate army is exposed to the Union. The confederate army was very large in size but with the Union around them could not go anywhere because they were trapped. The next cartoon, “Blessing In Disguise”, represents the ending results of the war. This cartoon was published on March 11, 1865. This cartoon was published around the time that the Union was coming in on the confederates which showed that they were outnumbered. This made Robert E. Lee surrender and the confederates had lost the war. The cartoon shows a man sitting on a barrel and is surrounded by bombs and pieces flying around him. He looks like he is a part of the confederacy because of his facial expression. He looks very sad and worried at his surroundings and what is going on. The pieces in the air have the words Savannah, Charleston, Wilmington, and Columbia which seem to represent the falling apart of the confederate states. The Union is the result of why the states are falling apart. It foreshadows the ending of slavery in the southern states. It also shows the foreshadowing of the ending result of the Civil

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