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Here I am, Senior year, literally hours before my freedom, but I really want to say something to you all that will hopefully make these next couple of hours somewhat more bearable. I want to say how honored and how much of a privilege it is to stand before you all. My friends, my classmates, my family, my academic adjudicators, and to the families who flew across the country just to be here. Also a special welcome to my own grandmother that I haven’t seen for 10 years that flew all the way from Korea. Love you grandma. But I promise you, this commencement ceremony will be very worth your time. Before we begin this final journey, I will kindly tell you for your own safety just incase my speech comes crashing down, that the emergency exits are to your right and left of the building. Also that your chairs are able to withstand long nap sessions. Now I’m not here to banter Bothell High School nor this state. I’m really…show more content…
Especially in this time of domestic struggles, international havoc, and racial and sexual profiling, I can say this with my head held up high that this class is the atonement to those problems. This class has been filled with so much love, respect, and initiative that this isn’t just graduation for a bunch of inexperienced teenagers, but the place where motivated, influential young adults take their first shot in the real world… and what a great shot we have. In these past years, I have learned four really important lessons, and I hope you all can say the same: That SparkNotes doesn't always have all the answers, Cliff notes does, sorry Mrs. Bentzen; that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, thank you Science Department; that CHS PreCalc is not a joke class, thank you Ms. Moody; but especially, that hard work really pays off, and what I am seeing here today, is genuine proof of
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