Essay On Breaking The Norm

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Breaking the Norm We live in a world where everyone is expected to behave a certain way to meet societies’ expectations. The culture where a person comes from has a significant impact on ways people should be acting. According to Pitman (2012), “Much of what we do on a daily basis from small things, such as where we go to buy coffee, to bigger issues such as deciding what career to pursue is influenced by the norms of the social and cultural groups we belong too.” Because we have many people around us doing things as supposed to, we think that everyone must be that way so we as humans follow them and do the same thing to not deviate from the regular norms of the society in which we belong to. The norm I decided to break was to dress formally to an informal event. That’s not something that happens very often as its always the opposite situation that happens. I got invited to a friend’s family gathering at his house and was told to dress casually. Since I knew there was going to be many different people there I took the chance to dress up really nice to see how people would react to my appearance or the way I looked. I knew everyone was going to be dressed down in jeans not being too fancy, so I decided to wear a nice sparkly dress with some high heels with my hair and make up done. It’s not really the norm to be all dressed up to be in a house for…show more content…
If someone does something out of the norm that person is immediately a bad person or a person with no morals. I believe that it shouldn’t be this way. Everyone has the right to freely express themselves without being judged or having to change what they wear or what they look like just because of what other people think. Just because there are certain norms out there doesn’t mean that they all have to be followed. There are many ways to do things not just one way like everyone expects it to
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