How To Write A Sibu Trip Essay

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This Sibu trip was long and difficult. It lasted a week. Now this may seem short, but if you are getting ready to Kayak 50-60 kilometres surviving on 2 dollars a meal for food, you reconsider your original thoughts. Thankfully, we were prepared to some extent for what to expect. There were two trainings to prepare us for the trip. They included planning what food to bring, how to read maps, how to read a compass etc. This was what we had gone over in the NYAA trainings. However, they were specifically made for the sea. Everything was measured in Nautical miles (NM), instead of km. We had also decided what our route would be. One thing that wasn’t taught during those trainings, was anything that had to do with a kayak. Saturday morning, the day after the break had started, I woke up in a…show more content…
The expedition then began. Kevin, Manuel, Sasha and I constitued the only group of four of the trip. I already knew them quite well, but I was happy to be getting ready to spent a walk with them. There was a couple hour bus ride to the port, before going to Sibu by boat. Finally, Saturday at around 2, we arrived at Sibu. We began by settling in to our cabins, which took not too long. We then chose our kayaks. The real 4-day expedition hadn’t yet started. We were still at a training phase. We were going to practice capsizing, towing etc. Everything we would need for the expedition. There were sub groups. This sub group was Kevin and I. We were therefore going to practice with each other. This was the fun stage, we weren’t going to be learning much yet. This stage of training lasted two days, until Sunday afternoon. We packed all the stuff we were going to bring. This was when I realised that I was going to have to select what to bring. There wasn’t much space in the kayaks, just enough to fit personal belongings, food, a tent. One big object wouldn’t fit; the dry

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