Timex Corporation Case Study

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About us Timex Corporation now known as Timex Group USA is a subsidiary of the Dutch company Timex Group B.V. and its headquarters is based in Middlebury, Connecticut. The company is the current successor to the Waterbury clock company founded in 1854. In 1986 Timex released the Ironman Triathlon watches designed to assist the athletes. The Ironman Triathlon became the most successful Timex watch in the post mechanical watch era. Within its first year, Timex Ironman became the best selling watch in the United States and the world’s largest selling sport watch for the next decade. Following on the success of Ironman Triathlon line, Timex introduced the Indiglo night light during the Christmas shopping season in 1992. The new millennium led to further growth of Timex Corporation and its parent, Timex Group B.V., by way of brand acquisition, brand introduction and licensing partnerships. In 2000, Timex Corporation purchased the French…show more content…
Vertime is responsible for the design, manufacturing and distribution of Swiss-Made watches and jewelry for the Versace and Versus brands. Timex launched a new brand in 2006 called TX, marketed around with its innovative technology and affordable luxury. During the same year, Timex Group B.V. acquired the ultra-luxury hand-made Swiss brand Vincent Bérard. In 2007, Timex Group B.V. established Sequel AG as a separate company devoted to the design, manufacturing and distribution of the Guess and the Swiss-Made Gc watch brands. The Sequel AG business is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. Timex Group B.V. purchased the Italian design studio Giorgio Galli Design Lab in 2007. Tips to save www.couponcodes.co.uk is where you can find TIMEX discounts codes and coupons. We know how much money is worth today. We also want it but we can’t jeopardize your satisfaction. Hence for you we have some special TIMEX promo codes and coupons

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