Juvenile Justice System

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Introduction There are many social institutions and systems that an individual has a potential to interact with at different times during their life. One of these many systems is the criminal justice system which can be viewed as both a social institution and a system. A crucial subpart of this system is the juvenile justice system. Both systems can be regarded as a multifaceted assemblage of various agencies and procedures traditionally established by the government. It is set up with the purpose of establishing interpretations of the law and the penalties or restitutions which allows perpetrators to redress their violation. The jurisdictions in charge which may include: the city, county, state, federal or tribal government or military installation…show more content…
(oxforddictionaries.com). There are five components to the criminal justice system which include law enforcement, prosecution, defense attorneys, courts, and corrections. First responders of the institution during reports of criminal behavior are members of the law enforcement community. After the police report is filled the person will be notified of the arrest or the citation issued by police. If the prosecution decides to file charges the defendant will appear and be told the charges and their rights. They will be required to appear in front of a judge which is known as arraignment where the judge will make decisions about custody or bonds, which can be reconsidered at any point of the legal proceedings, to ensure the individual appear for other hearings. The prosecution lawyer or team is the legal representation for the state or federal government and not the victim of the crime. The defense lawyer or team defends the accused against the charges. If the accused cannot afford a lawyer, a public defender assigned by the court will be provided due to the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution if they meet certain criteria. The trial will move through the appropriate courts with a judge overseeing the case to make sure laws are followed and…show more content…
This would include all members of the criminal justice system taking biases screenings to recognize where they may struggle in the field. In addition, mandatory training should take place where the individuals learn about the different racial and ethnicity groups which are represented in their area. This training should take place so that the individuals would recognize if a behavior is part of a subculture or not. In addition to that training all police should also be trained in a crisis intervention prevention which will teach them how to deescalate a situation instead of immediately using

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