Why Is Mencius A Great Ruler

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Ruling in the ancient world wasn't the easiest thing to do, especially ruling successfully. Many kings were not good rulers because they did not know what to do. Kings had to know what the people you were ruling wanted. Kings would have to have their own game plan on how they were going to rule. You had to have certain characteristics about you or else you would not be a great leader. This is how some believe you could become a great ruler in the ancient world. To run a successful government Mencius believed that the ruler must keep humanity under his rule. He believed you have to win the people over. You can't run a government if the people you are ruling don't believe in you. Mencius said, “Here is the way to win the empire: win the people…show more content…
One of those characteristics of course being intelligent. They should know when it is right to do things and wrong to do some things. They should know that when they are weaker than their enemy, they should make peace with them. When they are stronger than their enemy, they should declare war against them. When the ruler is lacking strength he should seek refuge, and when his end can only be achieved by help from an ally, he should practice duplicity. Rulers should also be energetic. If he is energetic then his officers will be energetic. If the ruler is sluggish then so will his officers. Rulers must be happy people, if the ruler is happy, then his subjects will be happy. It is very important that kings have good characteristics. Most people look up to the kings and feed off of the kings. Just like how if the king is energetic then his officers will be energetic. Kings should be able to employ force under a cloak of humanity. They should be able to express their humanity through virtuous conduct. If you rule expressing humanity then the people you rule over will be better off. Their hearts will gladden, and their submission will be

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