The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, should absolutely be a required read for all American college students. This novel meets many important points that demonstrate new perspectives and are open ended enough to get the reader to begin making their own. Even considering the significant change in American society since the novel was written, the characters and themes throughout the story have proven themselves to be timeless. The characters complicated personas help the timelessness as readers of all ages, from any generation can and will create endless interpretations. Adding the novel’s complexity, Fitzgerald created many characters will even more perspectives and perceptions of life. Whether it be Nick’s self-seperation from…show more content…
In doing so, he also created characters that have been perceived differently by readers in each generation since the book was published. Some question the morals of the generally innocent Daisy. Although main character Daisy seems to innocently be floating through life, living in the moment, and trying to do the right thing, some readers have put a decent case that accuses her as being a master manipulator that realizes she may not have the right skills or status in life to be successful by herself, so she simply leaches off men through seduction to live the life she pleases. Other choose to come after the novel’s narrator, Nick, and claim that despite his “good guy” persona, he may be just as bad or even worse than the rest of the main group of characters as he seems to be the only one that refuses to accept that he does not make the best moral decisions, but instead choses to simply blame the other characters for roping him into that life. Finally, a more common idea is the tragic heroism found in Jay Gatsby, as he works the entirety of his life to build himself up to be good enough for his love, only to be rejected in the final…show more content…
The American dream is found not only in his personality but even more so in his story of how he came to be the “great” Gatsby. Gatsby’s who life is a true testament to how the best success can be found in the worst failures. Jay Gatsby was born James Gatz, to a small family of farmers, which he considers to be a less than suitable lifestyle, especially after meeting Daisy. The two quickly fall in love but never wed because Daisy is not pleased with the status of Gatsby. After this he becomes officially invested into the so called American dream and devotes his life to climbing the social later and making enough money to win Daisy’s love. Gatsby changes his whole persona and does whatever it takes to obtain money, living out this dream to its fullest potential. He eventually reaches his dream status and proves the existence that the American dream is alive. Gatsby grows to fully embody the idea that, in America, anything is possible. That being said, it also asks the reader to determine their own thoughts on what makes the American dream, and if they feel it still exists in present day

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