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The Earth in the solar system • Celestial bodies are the permanent objet in the sky such as Sun, planet, moon etc. • Big celestial bodies are made up of gases. They have their own heat and light, which they emit in large amounts. These celestial bodies are called stars. The sun is a star. • Constellations are the patterns in the sky formed by different groups of stars. Ursa Major(Big Bear) is one such constellation. Small bear or Saptarishi is a group of seven stars that forms a part of the large Ursa Major Constellation. • The North Star indicates the north direction. It is also called the Pole Star. It always remains in the same position in the sky. • Planets are those celestial bodies that do not have their own heat and light. They are lit by the light of the stars. • The earth is a planet. It gets all its heat and light from the sun. Sun is the nearest star of the earth. THE SOLAR SYSTEM • Our solar system…show more content…
Its diameter is only one-quarter that of the earth. It appears so big because it is nearer to our planet than other celestial bodies. It is about 3,84,400 km away from us. The moon moves around the earth in about 27 days. It takes exactly the same time to complete one spin. As a result, only one side of the moon is visible to us on the earth. The moon does not have conditions favourable for life. It has neither water nor air. It has mountains, plains and depressions on its surface. These cast shadows on the moon’s surface. • It is now generally believed that the formation of moon, as a satellite of the earth, is an outcome of ‘giant impact’ or what is described as “the big splat”. A body of the size of one to three times that of mars collided into the earth sometime shortly after the earth was formed. It blasted a large part of the earth into space. This portion of blasted material then continued to orbit the earth and eventually formed into the present moon about 4.44 billion years

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