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Wayne Anderson’s Essay “Science Can Uncover Life’s Meaning” explores the thought of the possibility of a deity, while acknowledging the ever so present possibility that there is no astral being in control of us. According to Anderson, religion offers the idea that there is a meaning to life, and that is to serve your lord, whoever that deity may be, whereas science offers a deeper mystery, as we don’t know the meaning to our existence, and our lives can be much more satisfying in the aspect that our lives are open books that have yet to be written; “life… does not depends on rules laid down by some omnipotent being.” (60) And from that comes the idea that the world would be better off if they were trying to find their own purpose in life, instead…show more content…
Would that imply that such a god is all powerful, all knowing, and capable, but unwilling? in the words of Epicurus, he is malevolent by nature. Either the gods are sadists who enjoy watching the world tear itself apart, or they are not truly all powerful and are incapable of stopping us from ultimate destruction. This shows us to not be like these gods, and to truly love our neighbors; to just be genuinely nice people for no benefit other than self…show more content…
Who’s to say that we are special in the first place? As humans, we are narcissists. For many years, it was believed that our earth was at the center of the universe, and that the sun that gives our earth the gift of light and warmth revolved around us. It was not until the brilliant minds of our time revealed that it was not the sun that revolved around, but vice versa. Not only that, but that our earth was not the only planet. This planet-system was dubbed a solar system, as these planets revolved around a central star. This star system was part of a galaxy. And this Galaxy, the Milky way, is among billions of Galaxies in what we call the universe. Who’s to say that there is no other life in our galaxy, which contains billions of other planets that could theoretically harbor life, among billions of galaxies, each with billions of other planets and planetoids? This shows us that we must make the most out of our lives, as only those on our little blue marble called earth are likely to experience

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