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It is rather astonishing to think about how a film comes together. This course has made me realize that the technology and cinematography is not as important as techniques and the elements of cinema. Those elements and techniques are what makes a story remarkable and will be further discussed in this essay. Film is the beautiful art in how people tell stories or recreate experiences. At this point in time, communication in human life is incredibly advanced and has become very powerful in our generation. As humans, we are taken away from a films story by it’s visuals they have. As filmmakers, people tend to feel that creating a movie with strong aesthetics, sound and color are will make it work well. But, what people miss are simple…show more content…
Craven got his film plot from cases of people passing away during sleep for unknown reasons. He managed to harness these bizarre cases and used these elements to put into a plot and created a scenario where a horrifying villain challenged victims. The significance between the examples of Godard’s film Breathless and Craven’s film Nightmare on Elm Street relating to Godard’s quote is saying that a simple plot can leave room for an auteur twist to the story and make it remarkable. Auteur uses in film relate to the directors experiences in their life that they want to incorporate in the film. Combining real life experiences and elements and putting into a simple storyline can create something an audience can relate to as well. ("Did You Know 'A Nightmare on Elm Street') Cinema has evolved a great deal in the past century. From the beginning of the invention of the camera to the advancements to digital in the present day, film has been able to be done differently and more efficiently. But, these technological advances don’t necessarily make a film realistic. It’s not how great the equipment or the camera is, it’s how cleverly it is used. Prop placement, locations, wardrobe, and

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