Biological Theories Of Addiction

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Society has been dealing with addiction for many years, centuries even. Researchers have come a long way in studies to realize that that the effects of chemical substances do more harm than good. The difference between drug use and abuse is dependent on the individual’s dependence on the substance. There are still many other factors involved, such as environment, values, morals, and genetic predisposition, these factors are not even considered and will most likely be crossed without regard to the consequences until treatment and recovery are the only options left. This essay will compare two theoretical explanations for addiction, including a psychological theory, and a biological theory. In addition, the writer will describe the viewpoints…show more content…
In addition, both models take a holistic approach in their arguments. However, the theories related to the psychological model are insightful to how humans think and interact, but, they do not explain the interactions that take place once a substance takes over. That is where the biological model comes in. Finally, in the psychological model of addiction is how the treatment is approached, in which the main focus is the attempt to retrain a person’s thinking. Biologists have proved that there are specific genetic components of addiction that are natural causing a mutation, so a simple change of thought is not enough to cure addiction in most…show more content…
This are other advantages of biological treatment. Biologists have studied these systems, their functions and how addiction affects them. This allows them to implement different treatment techniques that helps in minimizing the effects of addiction while restoring the body’s systems. The duration, extent, and resiliency of the person all play a role in the recovery and treatment process. Conclusion The act of addiction continues to stir controversy as to how it starts, who it affects, and why. Some will say it is a spiritual malady. There are many that will choose to use chemical substances for various reasons in their life, there are those that will become addicted and do not know the answer to why they continue to use. This is a sign of chemical dependency and that typically will mean that the body and mind are now in an altered state and to stop will cause some adverse effects if and when a person chooses to stop using. In many cases the decision to stop using is not voluntary. For many, there is not even a realization that there is a problem until addiction has taken everything from them that they hold dear and love. There are just as many models that explain addiction as there are reasons that people become

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