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Introduction: In this essay I will talk about two kinds of organisms that are called worms. That's organisms use it in a labs. Which are the flatworm and the roundworms. However, every kind belongs to different phylum, so they are not closely related to each other. Flatworms ( phylum Platyhelminthes) and roundworms ( phylum Nematoda), but there are many similarities and differences between these two types of organisms. Similarity: • There are many similarities between the two groups of worms, Platyhelminthes and Nematoda. There are true animals and have all characteristic that Classified as Eumetazoa .Both flatworms and roundworms have bilateral symmetry that means the right section of body similar to left section of body with head. These two kinds of worms are free living but many are parasitic. Also, there body hasn't any hard…show more content…
Roundworms are psuedocoelomate, which means they have a body cavity between their mesoderm and endoderm layers and can put more complex and complicated organ systems in the space. Nematoda rigid cuticle works with the muscles and acts as hydrostatic skeleton and circulatory system as nematodes lack circumferential muscles. While the Circulation of flatworm has a gastrovascular cavity with one opening. It eats small worms, insects and microscopic matter. Digestion A flatworm has a simple form and combination digestive and excretory system. It takes food in and gets rid of wastes from the single opening that functions as both mouth and anus. The roundworm has a complete digestive tract, with two separate openings for the mouth and anus. Nematoda has major sense organs in the head, or front end. There is primitive nerve net in the simpler forms and several nerve cords from a brain along the length of the body. Nervous A flatworm has a very simple nervous system with two nerve cords running down either

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