The Slaughter Short Story

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The Slaughter Armin presses record on the camera something they had agreed to obviously for Armin’s benefit. The lens and iris buzz as they fix their position. All that can be seen is a floating red dot from its position in the corner, just outside the ring of light cast on the floor. It shows a large portion of the slaughter room. The table in the center glows white while the camera tries to adjust for the stark contrast created by the sole hanging lamp. In the background behind the shadow, the bed can be seen. Armin complies with Bernd’s request hesitantly. He isn't that interested in this part of Bernd’s fantasy. He’d rather use his knife. He kneels in front of a nude Bernd and opens his mouth wide placing each testicle between his teeth. He begins to squeeze and Bernd begins to hum. Armin bites harder and Bernd whispers “bite it off” in between rapid breaths. Saliva begins to drool from his mouth. Armin bites harder and harder. Bernd's reaction when they burst pleased Armin. He wanted his meal to be happy. Armin turns his…show more content…
His steps resound triumphant as he traverses the house. He washes the halves and fills a pot to boil. Armin lights the stove and places the pot over the fire. The metal pops as it heats. Tiny bubbles begin to form casting a rainbow effect in the water. Once it reaches a rolling boil and steam is rising quickly Armin slides the meat in the water. He’s careful not to splash and covers it to let it boil for a few moments before dropping in ice water. The cubes crack with the rapid change in temperature. He seasons the blanched meat with salt, pepper, and fresh garlic. He drops a few chunks of Bernd fat into a sauté pan. It withers and melts with rapid crackles. Bernd’s fat coats the bottom of the pan releasing an aroma Armin finds new and appealing. He gently places each piece of Bernd’s meat flat in the pan. It begins to fry. Wafts of cooking meat flow from the pan and the edges begin to
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