Importance Of Copyright Act 1987

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Copy means a reproduction of a work in written form, in the form of a recording or film, or any in other material form. Copying someone works, ideas without the permission is one of the illegal and unethical behavior. The creator or owner of ideas are taking their time in getting ideas, expand it but, lastly irresponsible person take it and claim it as them. It is unfair. Taking initiative from that and to provide protection towards the works and the owner, Copyright Act 1987 been introduce. Copyright Act 1987 made to accomplish their main reasons which to protect to any kind of works in any format. The protection cover the works either it is in form of audio, writing, and image. It will protect the works, the creator and also the industry…show more content…
However, the advancement of technology, this act have be amendment, with add new rules and the irrelevant been deleted. (Azri Aizat, 2010). This act protects the owner such as the composer, novelist, author, website developer or anyone that make the works. If the works be done by the person who been hired by someone, the owner of the works is the person who hire the person. The hired one cannot claim it as theirs. The authorities or the right of works give to the person by agreement, license and others. (The commissioner of law revision, Malaysia, 2006) Copyright Act 1997 is amendment from Copyright Act 1987. There is some amendment be made, as to relate with the current situation. Based on this paper, it clearly stated the coverage of this act. Copyright Act 1997 protects literary work, artistic works, musical works, sound recordings, films, broadcasts and performers. Literary works includes these; a) Novels, stories, books, pamphlets, manuscripts, poetical works. b) Plays, dramas, stage directions, film scenarios, broadcasting scripts, choreographic works and pantomimes. c) Treatises, histories, biographies, essays and…show more content…
For this case, it involved the activity that using the pirate software. Person who get fault in this case, can be punish fined RM2, 000 to RM20, 000 per each copy, imprisonment not exceed 5 years. Besides, royalty issues also include in the copyright, which is it usually involve the singer, author and works that related to the publication works. For example, in the case of singer, they sing a song then after that it sang by other singer and put it in their album, suppose the new singer pay the royalty for the owner of the song. This case can be caused under Copyright Act 1987. Fault in Copyright Act caused by the attitude of the person. They did not want to pay huge money to get the original one, and then they choose to buy the pirate one. However, they did not realize the effects of their

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