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What exactly is code switching? Code switching occurs all the time in everyday life, and it happens consciously and subconsciously. In the linguistics world, code switching is defined as the practice of moving back and forth between two languages or between a variety of dialects or registers of the same language. It can also be known a code-mixing. It occurs when speakers switch up between multiple languages in a single conversation or change the variety of language style. Bilingual speakers often code switch by using different components of multiple languages when conversing with other bilingual speakers. To understand code switching a little better its best to take a look at the history behind it. Code switching dates back to the 1970s…show more content…
Walid M Rahin of Arab open university gives a very good example of this. Discussing emotional and sexual topics in the Lebanese community is 'easier' when it is discussed in a language that is different than the native Arabic language of the society. 'Taboo words and topics are often code switched so as to avoid to be expressed in the speaker’s native language. Speakers in the Lebanese society tend to discuss sexual topics and emotional topics in English or French since it will make them more comfortable to discuss those issues." In the example provided to us by Walid, it explains to us and shows us how code switching can help in certain moments. People also use code switching because they want to fit into a certain linguistic environment, to be treated like a "local." people code switch either intentionally or unintentionally, and sometimes they do it to act or be more like the people around them. We even code switch to communicate in secret. I can speak and understand dutch but people assume i cant, so not to long ago i walked into a store with my sister and we were communicationg in elnglish so the shop assistants must have assumed wedidnt know any dutch and began to talk about us. my sister and I then began to to talk in dutch around them and

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