Book Report Of John Steinbeck's Mice Of Men

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My book report is about the book mice of men, the writer of the story is john Steinbeck. This book deals mainly with two men who frequently flee from places because of one of them ... Lennie and George are the main authors of the book. Lennie is a tall, strong man and has a disease that is called mental retardation. His responsibility on the one started when Lennie’s aunt took care of Lennie to George. The first time they were run was when Lennie caressed the dress of some maidens, who was the hair of the mice, and she liked to feel the He was accused of rape and had to flee. After the incident they arrived at a ranch, George tells the head of the ranch that Lennie is his cousin and he is a very hard worker only that I speak Little, George hiding the disability of Lennie. The boss agrees that both work in his stable. Candy the oldest man in the stable tells them where their beds lie. After arrives Curley the son of the stable owner in search of his wife, go To Lennie and seeks to fight with him because he is bigger than him and does not like the people superior to him. George and Slim who is a respectful, responsible and respected person for everyone on the ranch. He then returns Curley to want to hit Lennie, Lennie does not stay like that and breaks Curley's hand. Curley said that he had broken his hand with one…show more content…
Lennie stays in the bunkhouse and arrives the wife of Curley asked him that he happened in the hand to his husband and he responds that he broke it with a machine and

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