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The Perfect Wash Keeping a clean car can be a hassle for some, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process to make your car look good! There is a saying that goes “ your car represents you” meaning how you take care of your car is how you take care of other things in life. Keeping your vehicle clean is one way you can start good habits of cleaning and staying clean. Although, cleaning a car can be easier said than done, if you follow these simple fourteen steps correctly you will have your car looking like new! To begin with, you will need a variety of supplies to ensure your car is coming out best as possible. You will need the following: two 5 gallon buckets, a pressure washer, a foam cannon accessory, car soap and wax, microfiber towels and hand wash mitt, wheel/tire cleaner and lubricant, and a source of water. Once you have all of these supplies gathered you’re ready to begin the washing process. First, you need to fill both of the buckets halfway with water, then add car soap to one of the buckets. After this, you now have to connect your pressure washer to a water source and fill your foam cannon…show more content…
This time you are going to be using the foam cannon to wash the car, compared to the two bucket method. If you set your foam cannon up prior to washing, then you are ready to go! Attach the foam cannon to the end of the pressure washer sprayer and set the cannon to the “on” position. Before starting your pressure washer make sure it has gas and oil if it’s gas powered, and make sure the power outlet is okay if it’s electric. Once you’re sure everything is how it should be start covering the entire car in foam suds until there's no more soap in the cannon. Let the soap sit and activate for a minute or two then begin to rinse off the vehicle with the pressure washer. Next you’re going to dry the car off and polish it but it can be more complex than it

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