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Elysium Short Essay Some would see the relationship between the people in developed countries and the Elysiites as parallels, therefore the people living in developed countries are no better than the Elysiites in the same way that the Earth people are no different than the people living in developing countries. In manners such as privileges, working conditions, and ignorance. The Elysiites have easy quick access to health care while people on Earth find it hard to get health care. As seen from the movie the hospitals were always crowded. Just like people in developed countries it is also easy to get healthcare as well as an education. The children in Elysium knew how to speak at least two different languages, they looked clean and well educated, unlike kids on Earth and developing countries they don’t have the opportunity to an education and to properly clean themselves; instead, the children work all day. A privilege like…show more content…
This is similar to the video about coffee, people drink the coffee but where it comes from never crosses their minds. These people are so ignorant and so unaware of what’s going, it’s such a small part of their life so it’s okay to forget about the people who dedicate their whole life to it because it’s the only way to survive. It’s ironic too because the robots Max help build are the same ones who beat him in public, without people like him Elysium wouldn’t have those robots. Just like the child from the music video he is making shoes with his bare hands in a factory all day while a privileged kid wears it on his feet on his way to get an education. Elysiites separate themselves from people on Earth much like how people in developing countries are separated from developed countries. The reason for this is to distract the people from what’s really going on in the real world, so people like the Elysiites can have a life with zero

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