The Great Gatsby Death Analysis

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They Only Wanted Money & My American Dream Death scenes express how characters feel about the deceased. When someone dies others may not feel the need to go to the funeral or help with the relatives of the deceased. In Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, few people care for Gatsby once he departed, so Nick, his friend, must take care of the funeral by himself. The American dream is also perceived through Gatsby, but is gone once he dies. This conveys the meaning of the work because people only wanted him for his money and the death of his American dream. Gatsby’s life was more delightful in his younger years, but as he aged and soon died, his legacy died with him. When Nick found out that George shot Gatsby, he begins to call many of Gatsby’s friends. He soon realizes that no one wants to come to Gatsby’s…show more content…
Even when Nick calls Daisy the maid told him, “. . . she and Tom had gone away early that afternoon, and taken baggage with them. ‘Left no address?’ ‘No’ ‘Say when they’d be back?’ ‘No.’”(164). As found out later, Tom knew that George was going to confront Gatsby. This leads to the suspicion that Tom may have left just in time with Daisy, so he would not have to deal with Gatsby. This expresses the idea of people only wanting him for his money and not for his actual person. As the scene progresses, Nick begins to call other friend’s of Gatsby, “. . . but neither a wire nor Mr. Wolfsheim arrived; no one arrived except more police and photographers and newspaper men.”(165). Random people and kids began to show up to Gatsby’s house, but to no avail, his acquaintances and friends still didn't acknowledge the death. The random people that begin to come to his
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