Essay On Changing Environment

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The skills and efforts required by the students to develop national level competency in changing environment & curriculum structure are putting pressure on higher secondary educational institutions and its stakeholders. The responsibility and challenges faced by students, teachers, parents, and institutions in this changing environment (1) Students Responsibility & Challenges • To compete at national level in the given common curriculum, plan your study and do very hard work. • Download study materials available in NCERT website and each chapter carefully. Solve all exercise problems yourself by refereeing sample problems solved in the chapters. • Choosing a college where the teachers have experience in teaching the subjects and interact…show more content…
which will provide an opportunity to get experience and enhance confidence in facing competitive exams. • Discuss both with lecturers and friends about various opportunities to plan and build the career. • Use the time and technology effectively to enhance knowledge, skills and experience. 5.2. Strategies to be followed by the Parents The strategies the parents of such students to be followed based on changing family environment, parents dream, expectations, pressure, and worry. • Choose a college which has earned the name in quality education which includes providing learning ambience and strict discipline on the campus. • The college should have a well-planned teaching & learning model which attracts all stakeholders for achieving their dream. • Since 11th and 12th standard education and performance in exams are important in career building, parents should be careful in deciding the course and the college. • See that your ward is properly motivated to set his/her goal and doing the continuous study as per the guidelines of teachers. • Follow-up your ward to know his/her study plan and monitor to see that he/she has good friends who have the zeal for
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