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TITLE... Foundry or casting is the process of producing metal/alloy component parts of desired shapes by pouring the molten metal/alloy into a prepared mold (of that shape) and then allowing the metal/alloy to cool and solidify. The solidified piece of metal/alloy is known as a CASTING. ABSTRACT... I am a student of Mechanical Department and being a mechanical engineering student I have chosen to write an article on CASTING because for us our Zeal and Zest is concerned with Manufacturing Section. Engineering doesn’t mean having interest only in new engines or developing new ideas but before all these things we have to know about the making process of any equipment. So in this growing world we Engineers must have a vast knowledge about manufacturing different equipment and that’s why CASTING is…show more content…
INTRODUCTION... Metal Casting is one of the oldest materials shaping methods known. Casting means pouring molten metal into a mold with a cavity of the shape to be made, and allowing it to solidify. When solidified, the desired metal object is taken out from the mold either by breaking the mold or taking the mold apart. The solidified object is called the casting. By this process, intricate parts can be given strength and rigidity frequently not obtainable by any other manufacturing process. The mold, into which the metal is poured, is made of some heat resisting material. Sand is most often used as it resists the high temperature of the molten metal. Permanent molds of metal can also be used to cast products MATERIALS & METHODS... In this process the raw material is melted, heated to the desired temperature and poured in to the mold cavity where it takes the desired shape. After the molten metal solidifies in the mould cavity the product is taken out to get the casting. • PREPARATION OF CASTING Preparation of casting involves the following
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