Essay On Body Art

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There are a lot of different ways for people to express themselves. Of course, not everybody has the time and resources to create a giant marble statue or write a series of novels. For most people, self-expression can be a matter as simple as putting on a particular kind of shirt, or wearing an interesting hat. For some people, self-assertion can go a little further than simply accessorizing and can be a little more... permanent. Part of the appeal of body art like tattoos and body piercings, is that they can declare a person's sense of identity and point of view, even when they're going au natural. Between these two forms of body art, more people tend to do body piercing than tattoos though; especially since piercings are usually easy to…show more content…
These spots are pretty easy to take care of, and since ear lobes are mostly fatty tissue with hardly any nerve endings anyway, they hardly hurt at all, once the deed has been done. Other common places to get body piercings are on the nostril, the lip, belly button, and eyebrows. Regardless of where you want to puncture that hole in your anatomy, once the deed is done, you will have to watch out for body piercing side effects, like the swelling that might initially happen during the healing process. When you get pierced, usually, to make sure that the hole created by the needle or gun keeps, a piece of jewelry is placed there to make sure that the piercing keeps. This piece of jewelry is normally a stud or a barbell, which you may have to get replaced every now and then, especially if the area around the piercing swells too much. Once your piercing starts healing, a white or yellowish discharge might show up on your jewelry. If there isn't too much pain or swelling, you don't have to worry; this is a normal part of the healing process. If there's a lot of pain, and the area swells up a lot though, you might have an infection on your hands, and when this happens, it's a good idea to get it checked by a
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