The Future Depends On What We Do In The Present Essay

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A quote said by Mahatma Gandhi himself states “The future depends on what we do in the present.”I believe that this is a very inspiring quote for all those people who are looking to make a change in today's world.As every day passes by we as humanity are striving with new inventions and technologies that are going to benefit the upcoming generations.Everyone that is living in the 21st century is used to the idea of transportation, mobile phones, and living in their homes and cities.However, I want everyone to know that the future brings a shocking awakening compared to today as there will be more advanced technology that will change the human's lifestyle. First off, I want to say that transportation will something that can be done with ease in the future.In today's world, we are living with transportation like subways, Buses, and even cars with gas engines.The transportation we
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