Essay On Becoming A Teacher

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My dream is to change the future through the next generation and to create an outstanding learning environment for hundreds of children, here is why. I was always the kid that sat their stuffed animals and younger cousins in front of a white board and pretended to teach them something. I never really thought about becoming a teacher, it was something fun for me to do and play around with. In my high school, it is required in to have ten hours of community service every month, so I went to where I started my education; Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School. My career choice and passion is to be a kindergarten teacher, and have been inspired by connecting with the students at the schools in which I volunteer at. Becoming a teacher never was something that crossed my mind until a little later in life. From the age of 4 to 11 I wanted nothing more than to become a chef, but once I was diagnosed with diabetes, some people in my family told me that being a chef as a diabetic was a bad idea and that I should…show more content…
This is the type of job that follows you home. You will have to grade papers, and do lots of paperwork even if you are not even at the school. Being a focused person is also a key factor in being a teacher because you have be in control of many children and if something happens to them, it is on you, you are the one that everyone's going to blame for everything that goes wrong in your classroom so all you can do is take control and not let anything affect the work you know you have to do. I know that I have a good mindset in knowing what has to be done, mostly as a kindergarten teacher because that is where the kids first real school experience is. If they are not taught well from the beginning, they will go into 1st grade thinking it is okay to do things that should have been taught or fixed in
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