War Photographer Poem Analysis

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Nabeeha Tejani English IOC’s Block B March 3, 2016 War Photographer Introduction: Title Annotations: “War”: consider death, conflict, anger, fight, bomb, innocence Gives a voice to the photographer who hides behind the camera; a different perspective. Tone (shift): Detached; Mundane Topic: War Message: To view the perspective of the photographer in a way that one would not consider, and basically giving a voice and personality to the war photographer. The mundane tone asks you to consider him as a photographer and how he copes with the severity of his job and what is his coping mechanism. Asks you to question the value of the life of the war photographer. In the title some of the devices it includes are: Juxtaposition, Motif Asks us to question…show more content…
The poem states “A stranger’s features faintly start to twist before his eyes” and this shows how he doesn’t know the soldiers and people in the image yet he documents their life because of the norm of society wanting to have witnessed something so extreme although in the last stanza this thought can be challenged as it is a contrasting idea, this is because people read the “supplement” which would appear to be an extra to their reading and the poem states it being on “Sunday” so through this alliteration we can see the stress on the fact that people don’t care just like the use of the word “dust” in the poem because it is something that comes and goes yet no empathy/impact because of the constant movement in life and how death can be replaced with birth so much so that the lives of people that are lost has no effect on…show more content…
“Rural England. Home Again.” This shows how the photographer finds the warzone home and the home a source of misery because of his passion to take photos in a way to feel a sense of belonging and to find a purpose. The fact that it is not full sentences shows how wherever he will be there will always be something lacking. The camera is a symbol of war for him so in the head of the photographer Duffy challenges the idea of a camera being for only happy memories. Therefore instilling us the idea to contemplate the importance between one’s job and home. The structure of the poem follows the development process of photos so thought that there is significant time lapse through the poem portraying him thinking things through which displays the idea of chaos vs. control and how he can’t change suffering but he can change how the world will view it through the skill. Also toward the end as a photographer who takes many pictures will then go on to continue doing the same thing but because of the way people react to seeing images of war which is an ‘oh, ok’ type attitude, the photographer considers his purpose and whether or not it is worth the risk being in a dangerous

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