Here We Arent So Quickly Analysis

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Here we aren’t, so wake up quickly. If you want to find out who you are, the best place to look is inside yourself. By comparing your choices and decisions now to those you have previously made or may make in the future, you can begin to see patterns emerge. By realizing these habits and making changes where necessary you can live a happier more fulfilled life. In “Here We Aren’t, So Quickly” Johnathan Sofran Foer takes the reader on a journey through an imaginary future with his wife, based on the way they are already beginning to act toward one another in the present. Toward the start of their relationship they do everything together and complement each other’s personalities well. Where one has a failing the other has a strong suit; For…show more content…
At first you are given a taste of her relationship with her father and how loving it was. She always received what she needed and had the love of her father at every turn. He was a bit messy, and relied on state assistance such as food stamps, but she loved him unconditionally. However, when her father passed away she was forced to rely on her mother who was not very attentive or loving. Her mother was over-worked, under-paid, and jumping between relationships and living arrangements while pulling Megan and her siblings along for the ride. Megan had to deal with changing schools constantly, living without basic amenities such as electricity and water, and a mother who didn’t quite care enough to better herself for her children. There was even a fight one night between her mother and her sister because her mother went out and spent money on dinner and clothes when there was no food, electricity or running water in the house. Throughout her school life she did quite well, except for missing a few weeks. Her main problems at school were her insecurities about what the other classmates would think of her. She tried to fit in but found it to be “tricky” due to moving so often. She stressed a great deal over the clothing combinations she could make with her limited

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