Comparing Lady Of Birth And The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Many texts both ancient and modern explore the possibilities of living forever. The Epic of Gilgamesh is just one of these stories examining this theory. Furthermore, the difference between this story and the others is the fact that this epic is the first ever known surviving text of any written narrative. Thematically it explores the same subject we still find fascinating today –immortality. The Gilgamesh tablets discuss many such issues pertinent to the thoughts held by much of today’s population: what is the meaning of life? How will I be remembered? This topic is still explored today through many popular mediums such as graphic novels and in the film industry. The immortal question is also studied in some scientific industries, to the…show more content…
The Lady of Birth drew his body’s image and the God of Wisdom brought his stature to perfection. Yet despite his apparent confidence in his role as divine ruler Gilgamesh did not know himself. He had still to find the person whom he believed he wanted to be, an Immortal God. Although Gilgamesh is introduced to the reader as a man of action and the ruling king of Uruk he is also shown to be a thoughtless oppressor of his people. As clearly shown in tablet I, he would leave no son to his father, no girl to her mother or the young man his spouse. Neither the people nor many of the divinity knew how to unravel this problem. It fell to the birth goddess Aruru the great one who created the human race to find the solution to Gilgamesh and his tyranny. Aruru created Enkidu from a simple pinch of clay as Gilgamesh’s equal, rival and ultimately to become his friend. The creation of Enkidu can be seen as a parallel to the biblical story of God creating Adam from the earth, ‘the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground’. Genesis 1:27. There is nonetheless a huge difference where God’s creation could be seen to be a purely physical act; a simple creation of flesh and blood. Enkidu was also endowed with a primal spirituality of the land. He lived with and learnt alongside the animals to respect life without expecting more than naturally granted from life. This was the example he was to set Gilgamesh -to learn to protect his people, live honourably and act in within the limits of his given society. Enkidu was as all men were formed in the beginning of time, before self-awareness became apparent. Before he met Shamhat - who through her actions as the predecessor of the biblical Eve, led him into civilisation, self-judgment and human weaknesses. Incidentally Enkidu roughly translated means ‘Lord of the pleasant place’ implying a bond with Enki, Lord of Earth and Wisdom. As shown in tablet I, Aruru plan is

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