Kargil War Summary

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In Kargil war “Sher shah” was code name given to Capt Vikram Batra, PVC “Yeh Dil Mange More” was his company’s coded massage for mission accomplish. Chapter 10 Mushkoh valley lies between LOC and Srinagar-Drass-Leh highway. The mountain features here are much higher than Dras. Mushkoh valley saw highest number of infiltration activity other than any other sector laying on LOC. GULTARI, Pakistan’s nearest army base, just 30 KM from LOC, was giving intruders more support and strength for their infiltration activities. Mushkoh valley as well gave infiltrators a direct passage to DODA-KISHTWAR region of Jammu without entering Kashmir valley. Main area of intrusion in this region were Point 4875, Pimple 1 and 2, Twin bumps, Whale back. Point 4875 Point 4875 was the enemy’s most defended location in region. Point 4875 gave enemy a clear view of 30 Km along the NH-1A highway. It gave enemy an upper hand to restrict the movement on highway towards Dras and Leh. Forward observation post of enemy was giving a perfect coordination to their artilleries and it was creating humongous domination in the region. Pt 4875 dominates the national highway from Mugalpur to Dras a stretch of approx 30 km. A feature called Rocky Knob links it with Tiger Hill. It provided an…show more content…
“More men mean more chance to being seen. Wait here,” he ordered. Through twice his age, the soldier obeyed the officer and waited behind a rock. Nayyar crawled on all fours. The machine gun was aimed at his face but he did not get scared. He continued to crawl till he was under the machine gun nest. Still crouching, he pulled out a grenade and lobbed it inside the hole where the gun was kept and ran back. With a loud bang the grenade went off, silencing the machine gun. Gradually climbing and crossed Pimple 1 feature successfully. His men, awed by their young commander’s bravery,

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